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1997Setting Parameters: Triggering and Mis-TriggeringJanet Dean FodorPDF
1997Encoding EVents Across LanguagesBeth LevinPDF
1997Opposing Effects of Word and Character Frequency in the Processing of Chinese TextOvid J. L. Tzeng, Daisy L. Hung, Chin Wei HuePDF
1997Meaning Representation and Meaning Instantiation for Chinese NominalsKathleen Ahrens, Li-li Chang, Keh-Jiann Chen, Chu-Ren HuangPDF
1997Semantic Similarity Based on Corpus Statistics and Lexical TaxonomyJay J. Jiang, David W. ConrathPDF
1997Towards a Representation of Verbal Semantics-An Approach Based on Near SynonymsMei-chih Tsai, Chu-Ren Huang, Keh-jiann Chen, Kathleen AhrensPDF
1997Word Sense Disambiguation Based on The Information TheoryHo Lee, Dae-Ho Baek, Hae-Chang RimPDF
1997An Agreement Error Correction Method Based on a Multicriteria Approach: An Application to Arabic LanguageBelguith Hadrich Lamia, Ben Hamadou Abdelmajid, Aloulou ChafikPDF
1997Incorporating Bigram Constraints into an LR TableHiroki Imai, Hui Li, Hozumi TanakaPDF
1997A Level-synchronous Approach to Ill-formed Sentence ParsingYi-Chung Lin, Keh-Yih SuPDF
1997The Application of the Similarities Between the Morphemes of the English and Chinese Languages to Represent Chinese Characters Phonetically with English Letters to Facilitate Computer Applications Manually and By Voice with the Character-Based Languages Chinese, Japanese And KoreanStanley K. ChanPDF
1997A Multivariate Gaussian Mixture Model for Automatic Compound Word ExtractionJing-Shin Chang, Keh-Yih SuPDF
1997Proper Name Extraction from Web Pages for Finding People in InternetHsin-Hsi Chen, Guo-Wei BianPDF
1997Unknown Word Detection for Chinese by a Corpus-based Learning MethodKeh-Jiann Chen, Ming-Hong BaiPDF
1997Human Judgment as a Basis for Evaluation of Discourse-Connective-based Full-text Abstraction in ChineseBenjamin K Tsou, Hing-Lung Lin, Tom B. Y. LaiPDF
1997An Assessment on Character-based Chinese News Filtering Using Latent Semantic IndexingShih-Hung Wu, Pey-Ching Yang, Von-Wun SooPDF
1997The Role of Shared Attention in Human-Computer ConversationHideki Kozima, Akira ItoPDF
1997Chinese Word Segmentation and Part-of-Speech Tagging in One StepTom B.Y. Lai, Maosong Sun, Benjamin K. Tsou, S. Caesar LunPDF
1997Corpus-Based Chinese Text Summarization SystemJun-Jie Li, Key-Sun ChoiPDF
1997A Study on the Portability of a Grammatical Inference SystemHsue-Hueh Shih, Steve YoungPDF
1997Fast Lexical Post-Processing on Cursive Script RecognitionMarco A. Torres, Susumu Kuroyanagi, Akira IwatePDF
The Study of Recurrent Neural Networks for Language Modeling
王文俊, 李俊曉, 劉繼謚PDF
1997A Simple Heuristic Approach for Word SegmentationWing-Kwong Wong, Chenming Hsu, Jien-Iao Chen, Jien-Chi YuPDF
1997Prosody Generation in a Chinese TTS System Based on a Hierarchical Word Prosody Template TreeChung-Hsien Wu, Jau-Hung ChenPDF
1997Ambiguity Resolution Using Lexical AssociationJuntae Yoon, Seonho Kim, Mansuk SongPDF
1997The Description of the Intra-State Feature Space in Speech RecognitionFang Zheng, Mingxing Xu, Wenhu WuPDF
1997Similarity Comparison between Chinese SentencesLina Zhou, James LiuPDF
1997Attributive Clauses in Chinese: Theory and ImplementationXiaokang Zhou, Francis Y. LinPDF
1997Integrating Long-Distance Language Modeling to Phoneme-to-Text ConversionTai-Hsuan Ho, Kae-Cherng Yang, Juei-Sung Lin, Lin-Shan LeePDF
1997Automatic Speaker Identification Based on Fuzzy Theory and Neural network Using Genetic AlgorithmChing-Tang Hsieh, Eugene Lai, You-Chuang WangPDF
1997A General Public Application of Pedagogic and Linguistic Vocations of Speech Synthesis: Ordictee Marc Guyomard, Jacques Siroux, Dominique Pernici, Christophe RoyerPDF
1997A Conversational Agent for Food-ordering Dialog Based on VenusDictateHsien-Chang Wang, Jhing-Fa Wang, Yi-Nan LiuPDF
1997Truncation on Combined Word-Based and Class-Based Language Model Using Kullback-Leibler Distance CriterionKae-Cherng Yang, Tai-Hsuan Ho, Juei-Sung Lin, Lin-Shan LeePDF
1997Recognizing Korean Unknown Proper Nouns by Using Automatically Extracted Lexical CluesBong-Rae Park, Young-Sook Hwang, Hae-Chang RimPDF
1997Logical Operators and Quantifiers in Natural LanguageShin-ichiro KAMEI, Kazunori MURAKIPDF
Chinese Text Compression Using Chinese Language Information Processing
Jun Gao, Xixian ChenPDF
1997Combining Multiword Units into a Hidden Markov Model for Part-of-Speech TaggingJae-Hoon KimPDF
1997A Robust Keyword Spotting System for Mandarin SpeechChung-Hung Chien, Hsiao-Chuan WangPDF
1997A First Study on Mandarin Prosodic State Detection Yuan-Fu Liao, Wern-Jun Wang, Shu-Ling Lee, Sin-Horng ChenPDF
1997Rejection in Speech Recognition Based on CDCPMsMingxing Xu, Fang Zheng, Wenhu WuPDF
1997Analyzing the Complexity of a Domain With Respect To An Information Extraction TaskAmit Bagga, Alan W. BiermannPDF

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