Application for Use of CKIP Lexicon and Chinese Grammar for Nonprofit Uses

The CKIP Lexicon and Chinese Grammar Dictionary is an electronic lexicon for Mandarin Chinese containing 80,000 entries. Each entry contains:
  1. print form (Chinese characters),
  2. word frequency (based on a 14 million character corpus),
  3. syntactic category (based on CKIP classification of 198 categories),
  4. pronunciation (National Phonetic Alphabets, Zhu4yin1fu2hao4).
The grammatical information associated with each lexical entry follows Information-based Case Grammar, which is a constraint-based and feature-driven formalism. Grammatical information is encoded in terms of a feature structure associated with each syntactic category. In other words, all entries will be associated with grammatical information through a Default-Inheritance mechanism through the assignment of syntactic categories. Each feature structure associated with a syntactic category contains the following information:
  1. a list of thematic roles (i.e. arguments and adjuncts),
  2. syntactic and semantic constraints on the above roles,
  3. adjunct precedence rules (AP rules, a list of possible adjuncts as well as their linear precedence relations),
  4. basic phrase patterns (BP rules, a set of basic syntactic patterns which the entry may appear in).
In addition to grammatical information inherited from their category, 8,481 of the most frequent words have been manually edited and contain idiosyncratic grammatical information which over-rides or supplements the above-mentioned feature structures. A taxonomy of the above-mentioned semantic categories contains 123 concept nodes and their is-a relations. Limited multiple inheritance is allowed.

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The Association for Computational Linguistics and Chinese Language Processing
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